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If you stand still, you fall behind. Competitors aren't going to wait.

Init6 Consulting is a Belgium-based IT consulting company specialized in change: we can help you rework your IT infrastructure and the way it is managed, from the first analysis to the final implementation. We cover a wide range of areas of expertise: hardware and operating systems, high availability and disaster recovery, data security and compliance, network and storage, performance and capacity management.

You will transform your IT infrastructure, today or tomorrow. Assisting you is what we do.

adapt •

If you don't adapt to new use cases, new technologies and new methodologies, IT environments will have become obsolete before they are fully operational. Knowing the ins and outs of both your environment and your business is crucial to understanding the needs for the future.

Init6 Consulting has worked with a plethora of technologies and methodologies over the years. When problem solving is a passion, learning becomes a hobby.

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evolve •

Evolution is not an action but an ongoing process. In IT, it is driven by projects: upgrading and replacing, consolidation and virtualization, migrating and replatforming. Init6 Consulting has extensive experience in various roles in change projects:

  • Analysis of your current environment to understand the present situation, its dependencies, strengths and weaknesses
  • Analysis of the demands of business users and mapping of these demands to technological solutions
  • Designing a global and future-proof technical solution that fits the needs of IT and business alike, matching industry best practices to specific customer demands
  • Guidance and actual implementation of the designed solution within given time-constraints

Regardless of whether we are focusing on one specific role or are in control of the entire project: we aim high and work hard to reach the predefined goals.

survive •

It is only through adapting and evolving that a company survives in its business. Init6 Consulting has assisted customers in various sectors and industries in achieving their goals through IT projects, both within and outside Belgian borders:

  • Public and private banking
  • Financial institutions
  • Car manufacturing
  • Non-profit organisations
  • Logistics
  • Healthcare
  • Telecommunications and internet
  • Global intergovernmental organisations
  • Energy
  • Auditing and certification
  • Payroll
  • Educational institutions
  • ...

We adapt to each customer's specific needs to provide optimal results.

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